Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I promise I have some new stuff going on to show you soon, but meanwhile I created another etsy treasury, this one is called Crocodile.
Crocodile ring  by Angidega
I was happy to learn that one of the items in my list sold within a half an hour, due to my creating the treasuryTake a gander! (click on crocodile above!)

I recently had another creative night with the girls, H. hosted, she had great snacks and made a super still life.  We also found a new member!  J didn't even KNOW any of us personally but was fixed up with us by a friend.  She fit right in.  I don't have a pic of my drawing handy, but I do have a nice shot of the still life.

I also went to see The Kills with C. at Royale a couple of weeks ago, they were Phenomenal!!!  I currently have a girl-crush on Alison Mosshart, and channel her with my leopard-print cardigan.  Although she *really* needs to quit smoking!!!  

 Something about seeing live music really triggers my creativity, I just want to go home and spawn something new.  If only I could be granted more time.