Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creative weekend

So I just spent a very fun weekend with a bunch of creative friends and loved ones in VT, at the home of my brother and his wife.  Being the potters Stone  

Last year for my birthday they gave me some porcelain clay to try making my own beads with.  Clay and I do not work and play well together, so I waited until I could be up at his studio for some expert help.  Sadly, the clay had gotten too hard to work with due to my neglect, so while D makes it better I practiced with some other clay he had on hand.  

I had my assistant, Sugar there to provide comic relief when the clay started making me crazy!   She thought it might taste good...

I did end up having some success, I made a bunch of beads for D to practice some glazes on, and see how they fire up.  Sadly, I couldn't hang around in VT for the final product...that real job thing dragged me back to reality.

I'm excited to see how they turn out...

Do stay tuned!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Toy Chest

   One of my favorite things to paint are toy chests for kids!