Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer!

Summer is finally here!  It even *feels* like summer today!  My garden has finally woken up out of sleep mode.  I'm fighting the birds for my strawberries and eating tons of salad with my fresh lettuce and radishes.  Peas are ready to pick at this very moment!  I planted some of these babies the other day...can't wait to see if they really are gigantic as Burpee says! 

Big Mama lima beans

 What with the warm weather, the girls and I have been out and about in the city checking out some great art.  We went one night to the ICA to see the vinyl show.

It was a fantastic show.  All different kinds of media, the obvious, sound.  Also sculpture with the physical records, photography, painting, instruments, film, etc.   Plus we went on the free night.  You can't beat free culture!

The girls and I also took a day from C's birthday week (I always take days off during her birthday week, this woman KNOWS how to celebrate a birthday week!!!)  We went to the MFA to check out the Chihuly show.  My brother is a HUGE fan of Chihuly so I already knew *quite a bit* about him....if you've heard my brother talk about something he is passionate about you know what I mean.  

View Large!

Seeing his amazing work in person blew away everything I had read or heard.  It is just amazing stuff, the COLOR is unreal.  Please go if you can, you won't be sorry!  It really made me want to go home and paint something colorful!!

I've also been checking out some live music at my local bars.  I heard some great Americana/rockabilly/blues music by The Whiskey Boys , Coyote Kolb, and Mister Sister, and my good friends Adela and Jude from They Will Hate Us fresh from their tour down south.  I was also able to catch some facemelting metal from Planetoid at their new record release show. 
Kick Ass

I'm still working on jewelry, and some painting.  I seem to have even less time in the summer, but hopefully will have something to show soon.  Stay tuned!

Same bat time, same bat channel...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wine Charms

 My latest project was a commission to make 70 wine charms for a wonderful woman's 70th birthday party.  This was a super-fun assignment.  Here are all 70...you might want to enlarge to see them in all their glory!   

 No two could be alike, so I was really able to dig around in my bead hoard.  Since I was attending the party, the most fun was seeing who picked which charm.  Many of the ladies chose to match their outfits, some their earrings.  One woman who was wearing the earrings I had given her as a gift and found a charm that matched them.
 It was a beautiful day in a beautiful location.  A good time was had by all, and we were able to christen the brand-new fire pit!! 

Now off to the next commission, do stay tuned!