Friday, April 30, 2010

Citrus and Lilacs

This past Wednesday night was the last one of the month, so no models at the MFA.  Christine and I decided to continue with our own still lifes...  Since C hosted the last one, I was up this week.
I don't have any cool skulls lying around the house, so it being lilac season I decided we'd start with some lilacs from my community garden sitting in a pot my brother made.  I added the last bottle of limoncello Tim and I had brewed this past holiday season, some oranges, grapefruit, limes (also in a pot by D.) and a coconut.  Also a pewter tray that was my grandmother's.

Not a bad little still life, although those lilacs are a bitch to draw!  Didn't think of that ahead of time....

We also did a color sketch with some colored pencils

I'm not as happy with this one, I'd much rather paint it than use colored pencils, I'll add it to my long list of  "to be painted". 

For snacks I made a batch of Kale Chips.  These things are so yummy, and good for you!  I just love them.  I'm going to try and make beet chips next.

While we were drawing, Tim was smoking up some BBQ ribs and chicken with the delicious Kentucky Bourbon bbq sauce I received as part of my swap gift from Katherine They came out SO good!  We also had collards and cole slaw, and T's famous chocolate bread pudding with marshmallow sauce for dessert. 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Missing model at the MFA

Another Wed. night live model drawing at the MFA.  Arriving early once again, this time I perused the Chinese and Japanese areas.  It's been awhile since I wandered in these areas of the museum, and I spent some time chillaxing (...I still haven't taken that meditation class yetin the Bhudda room until a bunch of very noisy children came in.  Damn vacation week. 

Our model was running late, so naturally I started sketching some horse statues while I was waiting.  Some of my fellow artists posed for 1 minute sketches, but it became apparent our model was pulling a no-show.  The gallery we were in was dark and very crowded, with many children...
...Damn vacation week.  
The guy sitting next to me had a rather pungent emanation, and he drew VERY LOUDLY.  Even the woman in front of me was shooting him looks, it's not just me!  He also was sitting way too close, bumping my arm.

We weren't feeling the love, so we decided to take our creativity in another direction.  Instead of trivia night and beemos at the Squealing Pig,   we headed downtown to the ladder district.  A new restaurant named Stoddard's recently opened that I've been wanting to check out, and was glad when C's friend suggested it.   It used to be a cutlery store dating back to the 1860's.   The hardwood floors and walls are from the 1800s, the mezzanines (c. 1912) have been salvaged from the old Filene's Basement and the bartenders (dressed in era-correct attire) manned an old-timey handmade mahogany bar.  With the old gas lamposts, tin ceiling, and upstairs platform, it has a wonderful ambiance.  I didn't really get the corset art when you walk in, perhaps it was hailing from the burlesque days in Scollay Sq. which was down the street?

I wanted a cider, but alas, there was none.  (but it is coming soon according to our super-friendly waiter).  He did suggest a delicious beer called Ephemere, from the Unibroue brewery in Canada.  It was sort of like a cross-breed beer and cider.  Delicious!!!  We enjoyed it very much with the fondue plate.
I'm looking forward to our next venture...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Spring Swap

I just love reading creative people's blogs.  Foodie blogs, crafty blogs, I love them all.  This past winter I took part in my first 'swap'.  Jen from The Gregarious Homebody hosted it.  I had to spend exactly $25 on the "Winter Gastronomy Swap" no more, no less.  Obviously, these crafty people create many of their gifts to stretch their dollars, plus it makes it all the more fun!  I enjoyed it so much, when Laura from A dozen Eggs  decided to host a "Sweet Spring Swap" I had to join in!

I was paired with Katherine, an amazing cook and baker.  She owns and runs The Yellow House Cakery   in Kentucky.  If you're ever in Kentucky in need of a cake, she's the gal to go see!

For Katherine's package, I found some cute flower shaped silicone baking cups(She makes amazing cupcakes!)  and some cute pink polka-dot cupcake papers.  Some spring cookie cutters, and candied pink and yellow grapefruit. 

For the creative part, I made her one of my custom slates with her logo on it.  I've made quite a few slates in the past, my brother used to work in a stone quarry and they had a bunch of slate shingles from an old church.  Sadly, I'm almost out.  

I packaged it all in springy tissue and some shredded purple paper.

Yesterday, I received her swap gift to me, enfolded in a mass of sparkly spring tissue, I found a whole bunch of spring booty!  Very cute plates, napkins, and tissues with my initials on them.  (I am oddly very excited about these tissues...)  A very pretty journal with my beloved paisley, and some bath confetti. :)

Some cute springy ramekin bowls, 

..and my favorite gift was some Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce, and some sweet pepper jelly from her own garden.  I think, via her suggestion, I will slather this yummy jelly on a block of cream cheese and eat it with some crackers, yum! 

We are both thrilled with our gifts, and I've made another friend. 
 Can't wait for Tim to stoke up the giant smoker and make me some ribs with my new sauce!!!