Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas is coming...

The girls got together at C's for our annual CCC nite.  That's Collage Christmas Card...It was a small group this time, just me C and A.  But the smaller the group the juicier the gossip!! 

Here are my results: 

Cougar Christmas

 It's hard to read the writing in this scan, but it says, "There's no better time than the Holidays to say "Thank You"

Snowflake Christmas

 I love this one because when C. was cutting out a bunch of magazines whilst babysitting her nephews, one of them said, "This looks like Grandma!".  It's true, C's mom is very glamorous!

Fruity Christmas
 This guy, would be drinking that drink, and eating apps off that skewer...very festive!  I'd party with him!  :)

Obsession Christmas
 This one is my fave.  It reminds me of an Obsession commercial.  Hence the title.

Last, but not least, 

Too much Pinot Christmas
Last one made that evening...enough said!  

Be good!  Only 18 more days til Christmas!!  --yikes!

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