Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello again

 Yep, so once again I've abandoned you all to dead air.  Sorry, but honestly you must be used to it by now. 

So I'll now deluge you with a flurry of catch-up posts, not necessarily in any order....

Thanksgiving was last week, I'll start there.  Tim fried another fantastic turkey, delicious as usual.  I made some super-yummy pumpkin hummus.  I also renewed my gym membership, and as luck would have it they were hosting the "Pie in the Sky" event, so I purchased a pie as well, fetching me a discount on my membership, $ for charity, and a Pumpkin pie.  win-win-win!!

Now I have to give a shout-out to the maker of my pie....A whole slew of Boston restaurants donate pies to this charity, my pie happened to come from "Cakes to Remember".  I had never heard of them, but both my Mom and I thought it was the best pumpkin pie we had ever tasted.  I had to dig the box out to see who made it.

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